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Big Data Analytics by Microsoft and QCT

Big Data Analytics by Microsoft and QCT
Big Data Analytics by Microsoft and QCT
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      Breakthrough Performance for Big Data Analytics

      Our APS appliance combines Microsoft SQL server with QCT certified hardware into a solution offering

      Analytics Platform System

      Turn Key solution for Big Data Intelligence

      Data intelligence is the currency of the 21st Century. Have you hired engineers to manage your large data sets?

      Empower your data with this simplified analysis and warehousing solution, on a certified hardware platform to meet your most complex Big Data and business intelligence needs

      Organisations that have highly demanding data warehousing workloads want a comprehensive and economical solution to meet their Big Data and business intelligence needs. Microsoft and QCT have partnered to offer Analytics Platform System (APS), including Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) software on certified QCT hardware platform, as well as robust tools for working with data. The appliance experience is complemented by a unified Microsoft and QCT support model, with Microsoft acting as your single point of contact for all patches, upgrades, and issues. This complete data warehousing solution spans desktop systems, data marts, and the enterprise data warehouse— all while operating seamlessly with Microsoft business intelligence tools

      Datacentre-ready Big Data Analytics solution

        > Optimal value
        > Advanced architecture
        > Redundancy
        > High performance
        > Low energy consumption  

      Easy data management 

      The Analytics Platform System is preconfigured with SQL Server integration Services. This integration allows data architectures to use a familiar tools, helping your staff hit the ground running. 

      About QCT

      Quanta Computer (parent of QCT) is a Taiwaneese Fortune 500 datacenter provider. In 2011, Quanta partnered with Facebook to create the new standard for datacentre infrastructure. As a partner of Quanta, Hyperscalers can provide: servers, storage, network switches, integrated rack systems and cloud solutions. All delivering power efficiency, scalability, reliability, manageability, serviceability and optimized performance.

         BIOS (1) * Warning! Please check README/RELEASE file before update.

      S810-X52L BIOS3B112014/12/186.68MBdownload
         BMC (1) * Warning! Please check README/RELEASE file before update.
      S810-X52L BMC6.062014/06/1832.5MBdownload
         Datasheet (3)
      APS Price Performancev12014/07/11733.08KBdownload
      APS Solution Briefv12014/07/11686.55KBdownload
      QCT APSv12015/03/19334KBdownload
         Driver (2)
      LSI Storage Driver (LSI 9207-8e )v2.00.60.022014/07/18832.09KBdownload
      VGA Driver0.982014/07/1826.36MBdownload
         Driver-Windows (4)
      Intel Chipset driver9.3.2.10142014/06/188.9MBdownload
      Intel LAN driver Driver18.72014/06/1877.1MBdownload