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A New Open-Supply-Chain Alternative

Mjenzi Cloud partners with Intel to bring you the latest CPU architectures which we have made available on multiple different server platforms. Customers are free to pick and choose CPU, GPU, RAM, NVMe, SSD, storage controllers and network interface cards to meet their unique requirements. You simply pick a platform and start configuring servers today! We hold the full range of Intel open CPUs!

Performance Made Flexible
The 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors provides a balanced architecture with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities, designed through decades of innovation for the most in-demand workload requirements. Whether it's multi-cloud or AI, HPC, network, security or IOT, the 3rd Gen processors are optimised to handle almost anything you throw on them with 8 to 40 powerful cores! 

Start configuring your own 3rd Gen Intel Ice Lake server with us today!

S5X | D53X-1U

S5XQ | D53XQ-2U

3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors are;

  • Optimized for cloud, enterprise, HPC, network, security, and IoT workloads with 8 to 40 powerful cores and a wide range of frequency, feature, and power levels.
  • Infused with Intel Crypto Acceleration, increasing the performance of encryption intensive workloads including SSL web serving, 5G infrastructure, and VPN/ firewalls, while reducing the performance impact of pervasive encryption.
  • The only datacentre CPU with built-in AI acceleration, end-to-end data science tools, and an ecosystem of smart solutions.
  • Engineered for the demands of cloud workloads and to support a wide range of XaaS environments.
  • Powered by Intel SGX, which protects data and application code while in use from the edge to the datacentre and multi-tenant public cloud.

Overview of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel Xeon Platinum 8300 processors are the foundation for secure, agile, hybrid-cloud data centers. With enhanced hardware-based security and exceptional multi-socket processing performance, these processors are built for mission-critical, real-time analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, high performance computing (HPC), and multi-cloud workloads.6

With trusted, hardware-enhanced data service delivery, these CPUs deliver improvements in I/O, memory, storage, and network technologies to harness actionable insights from our increasingly data-fueled world. Designed for advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and high-density infrastructure, Intel Xeon Platinum 8300 processors deliver exceptional performance, platform capabilities, and workload acceleration.

With support for higher memory speeds, enhanced memory capacity, and up to four-socket scalability, Intel Xeon Gold 6300 and 5300 processors deliver improved performance, enhanced memory capabilities, hardware-enhanced security, and workload acceleration.6 These processors are optimized for demanding mainstream data center, multi-cloud compute, and network and storage workloads. With up to four-socket scalability, they are suitable for an expanded range of workloads.

Intel Xeon Silver 4300 processors deliver essential performance, improved memory speed, and power efficiency. They offer hardware-enhanced performance required for entry data center compute, network, and storage.

Outstanding Gen-on-Gen Performance
The new 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors are based on a balanced, efficient architecture that increases core performance, memory, and I/O bandwidth to accelerate diverse workloads from the datacentre to the edge.

  • Available with up to 40 powerful cores.
  • Built-in workload acceleration features include Intel Deep Learning Boost, Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512, and Intel Speed Select Technology.

Available Multi-Socket Scale to Propel Insights

Select 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors support up to 28 cores per processor in four-and-eight-socket configurations, driving enhanced performance, throughput, and CPU frequencies compared to previous-gen processors.

  • Four-to-eight–socket 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver multi-socket core count density, with up to 224 cores per platform in an 8-socket configuration.
  • Up to six Intel UltraPath Interconnect (Intel UPI) channels increase platform scalability and improve inter-CPU bandwidth for I/O-intensive workloads versus the previous generation, offering the perfect balance between improved throughput and energy efficiency.