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Micron 9300 Pro 2.5'' NVMe PCIe SSD U.2 Max 15.36TB MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY (15.6TB DWPD = 1)

Micron 9300 Pro 2.5'' NVMe PCIe SSD U.2  Max 15.36TB MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY (15.6TB DWPD = 1)
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Micron 9300 Pro 2.5'' NVMe PCIe SSD U.2 Max 15.36TB MTFDHAL15T3TDP-1AT1ZABYY (15.6TB DWPD = 1)
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  • Brand: Micron
  • Consistently read and write over 3.5GB per second of sequential data
  • Run performance-critical cloud and enterprise workloads
  • Get more IOPS per watt
  • 15.36 TB capacity

The Micron 9300 NVMe Series SSDs are Micron's flagship performance product line.

These products utilize a Gen3 PCIe interface, the Non-Volatile Memory Express protocol and Micron's own high-speed NAND to provide high throughput and IOPS, very low latency, and consistent quality of service.

The 9300 product line has Micron's Flex Capacity feature, which enables users to actively tune capacity to optimize drive performance and drive writes per day (DWPD), and is available in high capacities up to 15TBs.

Reliability assurance measures include cyclic redundancy checks (CRC), end-to-end data path protection, capacitor-backed power loss protection and Micron's extensive validation, quality and reliability testing. It features thermal monitoring and protection, SMART attributes for status polling and SMBus for out-of-band management.

The Micron 9300 has two endurance classes: the PRO for read-centric use at roughly 1 DWPD, and the MAX for mixed-use workloads at about 3 DWPD.

The PRO is available in 3.84TB, 7.68TB, and 15.36TB capacities while the MAX is available in 3.2TB, 6.4TB, and 12.8TB capacities.



• Micron® 3D TLC NAND Flash

• PCI Express Gen3 x4

• NVM Express 1.2

– Number of namespaces supported: 32

– Round robin arbitration: Not weighted

– Interrupt coalescing

– Number of I/O queue pairs: 128 SQ/CQ

– Number of admin queue pairs: 1 SQ/CQ

– 4KB atomic operations

• Capacity (unformatted)1

– 9300 PRO: 3.84TB, 7.68TB, 15.36TB

– 9300 MAX: 3.2TB, 6.4TB, 12.8TB

• Endurance: Total bytes written (TBW)

– 3.2TB: Up to 36.2PB

– 3.84TB: Up to 34.3PB

– 6.4TB: Up to 72.4PB

– 7.68TB: Up to 72.0PB

– 12.8TB: Up to 144.8PB

– 15.36TB: Up to 137.3PB

• Industry-standard 512 byte and 4096 byte sector

size support

• Security

– Digitally signed firmware

• Surprise insertion/surprise removal (SISR) and hotplug capable

• Self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology


• Performance2

– Sequential 128KB READ: Up to 3500 MB/s

– Sequential 128KB WRITE: Up to 3500 MB/s

– Random 4KB READ: Up to 850,000 IOPS

– Random 4KB WRITE: Up to 310,000 IOPS

• Latency3

– READ (TYP): 86µs

– WRITE (TYP): 11µs

• Reliability

– MTTF: 2 million device hours4

– Static and dynamic wear leveling

– Uncorrectable bit error rate (UBER): <1 sector

per 1017 bits read

– End-to-end data protection

– Full power-loss protection

• Non-operating shock: 1000G @ 0.5ms

• Non-operating vibration: 3.1GRMS 5–800Hz

• Operating temperature5

– Commercial (0°C to +70°C)

• Field upgradeable firmware

• Operating systems supported natively

– Microsoft Windows Server® 2016, 2019

– Ubuntu® 12.04.03+

– CentOS® 6.5+

– RHEL® 6.5+

– SLES®12+

– VMware® ESXi 5.5+, vSAN 6.0+

– FreeBSD® 9+

– UEFI 2.3.1+

– Intel SPDK

• Operating systems supported by the Micron driver

– Microsoft Windows Server® 2012R2

• Form factor

– U.2: 100.45 × 70.10 × 15.00mm

• Electrical specification

– Power supply: 12V ±8%

– AUX SMBus supply: 3.3V ±8%

Notes: 1. User capacity: 1TB = 1 trillion bytes.

2. Steady state as defined by SNIA Solid State

Storage Performance Test Specification Enterprise v1.1.

3. 4KB, queue depth 1 transfers used for

READ/WRITE latency values.

4. The product achieves a mean time to failure

(MTTF) based on population statistics not

relevant to individual units.

5. Temperature measured by SMART.

Warranty: Contact your Micron sales representative

for further information regarding the product,

including product warranties