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RedHat PAAS Container Platform on OpenShift

RedHat PAAS Container Platform on OpenShift
RedHat PAAS Container Platform on OpenShift
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Deploy Containers with RedHat's OpenShift solution

  • OCP Hardware
  • Open Software

RedHat Container PaaS

Redhat openshift container platform is RedHat's on-premise private platform as a service product, built around a core of application containers powered by Docker, with orchestration and management provided by Kubernetes, on a foundation of RHEL 7.3. Openshift adds developer and operational centric tools to enable rapid application development, easy deployment and scaling, and long-term lifecycle maintenance for small and large teams and applications.

Installation Architecture

A dedicated Hyperscale node is installed with RHEL7.3 and using KVM; it creates 3 VMs for master, node and DNS servers. Openshift platform requires a fully functional DNS server in the environment. This is ideally a separate host running DNS software and can provide name resolution to hosts and containers running on the platform. The installation requires all VMs to be registered with Redhat partner portal and download all requisite RPMs.

Ease of use

With OpenShift, developers deploy resources and code using either the web console or the command-line interface. The command options are high level. For example, a single command can deploy an application stack, including database, application server and Web server. Applications are designated as scalable or non-scalable, and can be deployed with an HAProxy gear for load balancing.


PoC Infrastructure

RackGoX - F06A

4 Nodes / chassis

2 x Intel E5-2698 v3 CPU

2 x 32GB DDR3 DIMM

2 x 240GB SATA SSD


Mellanox OCP 40G Network Adapter



Lock in Mini-SAS Module

Front Load Screw-less HDD Trays

Support up to 28 x 3.5" SAS HGST Drives


T5032-LY6 Switch

32 QSFP+ ports (40Gb/s)

T1048-LY4 Switch

48 x 1GE ports (1Gb/s)

2 x 1/10G SFP+ ports