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Let's You Scale Ahead of Your Workloads for Tomorrow

  • Ultimate resilience and scalability with up to 10x PCIe 4.0 expansions
  • Optimized for AI acceleration: Support up to 2x dual-width accelerators in 2U system
  • Support All 24x NVMe flash drives as hot tier storage, targeting HPC and enterprise workloads.

System Configurator

Ultimate power and performance machine

  • 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon Scalable Processor Ice Lake based dual socket platform
  • Up to 3x UPI at 11.2 GT/sec CPU interconnect speed.
  • Advance system cooling support up to 270W CPU TDP per socket
  • Memory capacity up to 8TB with 8 channel DDR4 memory and 12TB with 2nd Gen Intel® Optane™ PMem 200 Series Barlow Pass.

Scalable, flexible and capable all in 2U!

  • Built-in AI acceleration: support up to 2x dual-width accelerators in 2U systems
  • Flexible SKU options from 12x 3.5” drive to 24x 2.5” /U.2 drive with PCIe Gen 4
  • Optional rear NVMe as booting device  (Intel VMD supported), or high speed NIC with optional HHHL slots
  • 24x PCIe Gen 4 NVMe drives. For high performance hot tier storage, HPC and enterprise workloads

Enhanced Security

  • Performance & Cost Optimized 4-Socket Server
  • Chassis intrusion triggered when top cover removed while AC/DC on, to alter and log any possible breach to your QCT servers.

Quick Deployment with Great Serviceability

  • Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance
  • Tool-less, hot-swap designs for drive trays, riser brackets and fan modules.
  • Auto back-up BMC event logs in microSD without opening chassis.
  • Easy service with OCP3.0 pull-tab & ejector without opening chassis.

Easy Management

  • Performance & Cost Optimized 4-Socket Server
  • Secure and dynamic data administration of data center resources with Orqestra (QCT System Manager).
  • Monitor up to 5000 devices per Orqestra module.