Mjenzi Cloud IaaS Benefits

Mjenzi Cloud is an end to end premium hosted cloud platform that brings virtual compute, storage and networking infrastructure within reach. Our Cloud is built on ground-breaking hyperconverged architecture using supercomputer components to ensure web scale power of a Facebook like cluster that delivers enterprise grade Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud solutions for IT departments but also cloud resellers and MSPs.

Huge Cloud Benefits

  • - Highly Improved Efficiency Mjenzi Cloud is EASY to deploy (minutes), use & maintain and adjusts to changing IT needs.
  • - Infinite Scaling Instant & cost effective scaling pay only for resources you consume.
  • - Highly Economical Lower compute cost by more than 50% of old cloud.
  • - Higher Performance Provides far greater IO performance for any IT deployment.
  • - OpEx vs. CapEx No capital investment. Build your cloud and deploy it in minutes vs. weeks!
  • - Innovation & Reliability Groundbreaking and highly innovative architecture ensures rock solid stability.
  • - Enterprise Compliant & Secure Industry leading SLAs effectively address the most stringent deployment security requirements.
  • - Open & No Vendor Lock In Easily migrate on/off platform with fully open well documented APIs. 
  • - GREEN GREEN GREEN MUCH lower PUE / cost efficiencies with 50%+ smaller hardware footprint.
  • - Channel Partner Friendly Provides a white label reseller friendly solution for channel partners.
  • - Plus many more technical/product features and business benefits.

Sample VM environments are shown in the attached image. Drop us a message today to arrange for a demo of the cloud platform and discuss your specific needs on [email protected]

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