Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is on a steady rise and Mjenzi intends to support corporate enterprises as well as government organisations embrace the IoT.

  • Mjenzi has developed capability to support customers with IoT integration with Ruby on Rails as our chosen development platform as it makes it extremely easy to develop, integrate and implement upon. Our contribution to IoT comes through the enablement of seamless API integrations on Ruby on Rails. We do not intend to duplicate the existing IoT ecosystem but rather partner with champions in the industry to deliver customised IoT supports to our clients when and where they need them the most.

  • Our role in IoT will also be an advisory one, providing advice to our clients on suitable platforms, networks and devices to adopt in their IoT strategic plans. Through our partnerships in the local Australian IoT space, we can delivery tailored solutions to our customers around service verticals such as transport, health, farming, shopping, service management, automatic monitoring and utility management.

  • IoT includes machines, devices and things that communicate with people, systems and with each other. As more people use IoT devices, it creates opportunities for businesses as there is overwhelming data generated by these devices that can enable and inform better business analytics. Mjenzi places itself strategically along the IoT continuum providing IoT implementation advice through to the associated analysis of the resultant big data.

  • Our offering on IoT includes:

    1. RESTful API development

    2. API integration and customisation

    3. API authentication support and implementation of security systems

    4. Task management applications

    5. Data management and analytics

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