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Mjenzi Cloud is an end-to-end premium hosted cloud platform bringing enterprise cloud infrastructure within reach! We worry about the infrastructure, while you take care of your business - however big or small, retail or wholesale!

Mjenzi is Swahili for builder! Build your cloud with us today!
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Differentiating Features
We are able to bottle enterprise-grade infrastructure with the performance and security of the larger cloud providers in town while managing to not break the bank and still deliver a highly flexible cloud platform.

We are primarily an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provider focusing on delivering the best cloud technology for most business use cases.
Enterprise-grade performance at below market prices

We are able to deliver an innovative and unique Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud platform at the best price/performance ratios on the market. Deploy our easy-to-use cloud platform for all your cloud workloads today.

Unmarched wholesale rates

Achieve 30-60% off the larger incumbent clouds while delivering a premium IaaS cloud, all completely white-label and delivered via a purpose-built wholesale admin panel or API. Calling all managed service providers and value-added resellers!

Feature-full IaaS Platform

Our cloud infrastructure platform is API-ready, fully software-defined, flexibly decouple your storage/memory/networking specs, pay-as-you-use, Windows licensing & multiple Linux images, highly scalable & reliable storage.

Our infrastructure brilliance

Fully software-defined networking that ensures security, performance and resilience while being cost-efficient, distributed storage networking baked in to enable seamless scaling, flexible L2 networking, hyperconverged VM technology. Unparalleled infrastructure brilliance that’s been purpose-built to perform!

Cloud strategy consulting

Besides the awesome cloud tech, Mjenzi Cloud has seasoned consultants who can work with you to demystify your end-to-end cloud journey. Whether it’s a digital deep dive, a cloud maturity assessment or a cloud migration strategy, we will work with you to drive your digital and cloud transformation.

End-to-end Cloud Solutions

Although our main focus as Mjenzi Cloud is IaaS Cloud, we have bundled together selected cloud innovations to suit the most common use cases for you. From our in-house Backup-as-a-Service solution to voice & networking to VMWare to bare-metal services and to remote desktop virtualisation, we have your cloud needs covered.

How do we work at Mjenzi Cloud?

Mjenzi Cloud aims to fit within most cloud use cases, no matter the size or power requirements.

Assess your current cloud needs

An assessment of existing infrastructure, architecure & cloud requirements.

Define your requirements

We work with you to define your cloud needs & specific use cases.

Support your cloud capability

We deploy the specified cloud infrastructure as you focus on your business.

Our Happy Clients

Mjenzi Cloud has transformed cloud journeys of a variety of clients small to large.

Our Cloud Team

At Mjenzi Cloud, the customer is at the center of what we do. We call ourselves Wajenzi, which in Swahili means builders. We are in the business of building cloud solutions for the enterprise of today.