Mjenzi Cloud

Mjenzi Cloud is an end-to-end premium hosted cloud platform bringing enterprise cloud infrastructure within reach! We worry about the infrastructure, while you take care of your business - however big or small, retail or wholesale!

Mjenzi is Swahili for builder! Build your cloud with us today!

Retail Cloud - Public, Private or Hybrid

Whether it’s a public, private or hybrid virtual machine you are after, we’ve got you!

Wholesale Cloud

A wholesale cloud platform built with the MSP or Reseller in mind at unbeatable rates!

Managed Cloud Solutions

We have a range of managed cloud services including - backup, hosted voice, networking solutions, bare-metal, VMware, virtual desktop solution.


Are we any different?

We are able to bottle enterprise-grade infrastructure with the performance and security of the larger cloud providers in town while managing to not break the bank and still deliver a highly flexible cloud platform.

We are primarily an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud provider focusing on delivering the best cloud technology for most business use cases.

Enterprise-grade performance at below market prices

We are able to deliver an innovative and unique Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud platform at the best price/performance ratios on the market. Deploy our easy-to-use cloud platform for all your cloud workloads today.

Unmarched wholesale rates

Achieve 30-60% off the larger incumbent clouds while delivering a premium IaaS cloud, all completely white-label and delivered via a purpose-built wholesale admin panel or API. Calling all managed service providers and value-added resellers!

Feature-full IaaS Platform

Our cloud infrastructure platform is API-ready, fully software-defined, flexibly decouple your storage/memory/networking specs, pay-as-you-use, Windows licensing & multiple Linux images, highly scalable & reliable storage.

Our infrastructure brilliance

Fully software-defined networking that ensures security, performance and resilience while being cost-efficient, distributed storage networking baked in to enable seamless scaling, flexible L2 networking, hyperconverged VM technology. Unparalleled infrastructure brilliance that’s been purpose-built to perform!

Cloud strategy consulting

Besides the awesome cloud tech, Mjenzi Cloud has seasoned consultants who can work with you to demystify your end-to-end cloud journey. Whether it’s a digital deep dive, a cloud maturity assessment or a cloud migration strategy, we will work with you to drive your digital and cloud transformation.

Contact us today to try our platform!

With a unique combination of features and functionality, and price/performance ratio unmatched by any other IaaS offering available, our platform can put your organization on an accelerated path to cloud success.

Contact us below or via [email protected] to deploy your Private, Public, and Hybrid cloud infrastructure with us today and reap the benefits!